Graco Pneumatic Piston and Diaphragm Pumps

If your fluid application is pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage and food processing applications, you’ll likely need a Graco sanitary pump, or SaniForce. The Graco SaniForce product line includes sanitary diaphragm and piston stand alone pumps and also drum and bin unloaders that use diaphragm or piston pumps.

Graco's Saniforce line is the most comprensive line of sanitary pneumatic pumps available. It includes:

Graco's extensive line of sanitary air-operated pumps

  • Piston sanitary transfer pumps
  • Piston sanitary drum pumps
  • Piston and double diaphragm sanitary drum unloading pumps
  • Piston and double diaphragm sanitary bin unloader
  • Graco's Hyrda Clean high pressure cleaning equipment
Graco SaniForce Pneumatic Piston Transer Pumps
Graco Piston Pumps are Available in 3 Different Models

Graco’s powerful line of sanitary piston pumps move extremely difficult materials when others cannot. They have pressure ratios up to 12:1 and are ideal for low to medium viscosity materials. The Graco Merkur® air motors improve serviceability, increase efficiency and offer a lower cost of ownership. The quick knockdown lowers are made with 300 series stainless steel for long-lasting durability.

• Flow rates to 14gpm
• Pressures to 1200psi
• All Graco sanitary piston pums are designed for quick knockdown

Graco SaniForce Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
Graco 3150HS FDA Compliante Double Diaphragm Pump

Graco’s Saniforce air-operated double diaphragm pumps not only have flow rates up to 25% greater than many competitive pumps with PTFE diaphragms, but have one the best, most dureable, lube-free air valves in the industry. Ideal for applications requiring high flow rates and portablility, Gracos’s dependable sanitary diaphragm pumps offer a wide range of good-grade elastomers including Santoprene, PTFE and overmolded EPDM/PTFE.

• Flow rates to 150gpm
• Pressures to 120psi
• Viscosities up to 25,000cps
• FDA and 3A models available

Graco SaniForce Drum Unloader Pump Systems
Graco 12:1 Drum Unloader

Graco’s SaniForce drum unloaders can evacuate medium to high viscosity products from their original 55-gallon (208 l) containers, in less than 5 minutes – without diluting the material.

• Extremely fast evacuation rates up to 100 gpm (400 lpm)
• Both Graco sanitary AODD and Piston pump systems are available
• Superior plate design with inflatable wiper seals
• Pumps from a variety of barrels, including tapered/conical plastic drums
• Graco sanitary drum unloader pumps will unload viscosities up to 250,000 cps (including caramel)

Graco SaniForce Bin Evacuation Systems
Graco SaniForce 3150 Bin Evacuation Pumping System

Save time and money in your facility by unloading materials efficiently from 300-gallon (1135.6 l) “bag-in-bin” containers – eliminating manual scooping or bin dumping. Graco’s complete lin e of sanitary bin unloading systems saves water evaporation costs and provides better process control while removing the need for costly booster pumps.

• Complete line of sanitary pump offerings with highest evacuation rates in the industry: Graco AODD sanitary pumps for lower viscosity products, Graco sanitary piston pumps for medium to high viscosity products
• Reliable and efficient air motors
• Evacuates over 99% of material
• Eliminates the need for booster pumps
• Flow rates up to 100 gpm (400 lpm)
• Graco offers bothTwo and four sanitary pump options

Are You Pumping from Drums? Consider the Colder Drum Quik Dispensing System
The Colder Drum Quik System Eliminates Spills and Fumes

The Colder Drum Quik system allows you to pump out liquid filled drums or IBC totes without the mess from splashes and spills or potential hazardous fumes. The Drum Quik is a closed system that eliminated many of the problems associated with drum and tote evacuation.

The system is comprised of two main components. The first component is the dip tube assembly. This is a drum insert with a threaded plug that replaces a bung plug with a dip tube that extends to the bottom of the container. Inserts are available for a wide variety of bung thread types, as well as both steel and plastic tanks. The second component is the coupler. The second component, the coupler, also known as the dispense head, can be easily affixed to the container. After the shipping plug is removed from the drum insert, the coupling is pressed into the drum insert, the lock ring is turned, and the Drum Quik’s integral shut off valve is engaged. The Drum Quik can then be safely attached to your pump and the drum can be pumped out without the risk of spills or fumes.

Graco Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers
Portable Graco Hydra-Clean System

Spray down portability for sanitary applications

• Efficient cleaning with water, detergent or chemical solutions
• Supports multiple guns
• Designed to use with cold or hot water up to 200°F (93°C)
• Use with open-head universal drums
• The Graco Hydra-Clean Fits most pressure, flow and material requirements

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