Sanitary Pressure Relief Valves

Sanitary Pressure Relief Valves, 60R Series
Waukesha 60R Series Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve

60R Series Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve

The Waukesha 60R series sanitary relief valve is a versatile, manually-adjustable Relief Valve for pipeline protection. Durable, compact, and easy to operate.

Features and Options:
Manually adjustable, lockable cap for setting the relief pressure
316L sanitary construction with No. 4 internal polish
Choice of seats: PTFE O-Ring or metal
Choice of spring pressures: 50 lb., 100 lb., or 300 lb.
Body style: single outlet 'T'
Connections: S-Line, Q-Line, Bevel Seat, or Buttweld
Connection sizes: 1" or 2"
This sanitary pressure relief valve is a manually adjustable over-pressure device in which the product pushes against the plug of the valve stem. The stem is held in the closed position by the spring, which is adjusted in holding force by an external lockable cap.
Each spring has a force range, dependent upon how much it is compressed. The more compression, the higher the pressure at which the valve will open.
Choose the spring rating large enough to comfortably achieve the desired setting without compressing the spring down to the stack height. Tightening down the adjustable cap to the maximum pressure will limit the stroke of the valve.
For cleaning, unload the valve by turning the cap and backing off the spring pressure.

Sanitary Air Relief and Vent Vacuum Breaker Valves
Waukesha 16AMP-AR Sanitary Air Relief Valve

16AMP-AR Air Relief Valves

Compact and mounted in an S-Line Clamp Connection, the 16AMP-AR relieves air/vapor pressure and is most commonly used on the inlet of a Centrifugal Pump so when the pump is operating, the valve is sealed by the low suction pressure. However, when the pump is "air locked," the pressure increases and the valve opens to let the air out of the system.
Comprised of a Nylon poppet valve with a Buna O-Ring seal, the valvescan be supplied with 304 Stainless Steel, or 316L Stainless Steel cap bodies.
The valve is supplied in sizes 1"-3".

Sanitary Air Vent Pressure Relief Valves
Waukesha Sanitary Air Vent Relief Valve

40CF-AR Series

For installation on pump suction lines, the 40CF-AR Sanitary Air Vent Valve is designed to operate as a CIP return air relief, and operates against either vacuum or positive pressure. For proper operation, the valve should be mounted vertically.
The Waukesha 40CF-AR is available in 1"-4" sizes. S-Line connections are standard. Other connections are available on request.
The 40CF-AR has a polypropylene ball that acts between the upper and lower machined seats. The valve body is machined stainless steel, either 304 or 316
Buna gaskets or FKM.

Operation: In suction lines when the 40CF-AR valve is under vacuum, the ball is pulled down against the bottom seat and seals against air entry.
When the vacuum is relieved in the process line, the ball looses its seal on the bottom seat, and any air in the process line is allowed to pass through the body of the valve and out of the system.
When flooded with liquid, the floating nylon ball is held closed against the upper seat by pressure.
Should the process line fill with air, the body of the valve will also fill with air. The ball falls from the top seat and the air is allowed to escape.

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