ITT Pure-Flo Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

The ITT Pure-Flo Familty of Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

The weir type diaphragm is the only truly fully draining, straight through, sanitary process valve on the market today. We carry the ITT Pure-Flo line of sanitary diaphragm valves for the biopharmaceutical industry. ITT Pure-Flo is the sanitary diaphragm valve industry leader offering a comprehensive line of 2-way forged body and multiport machined from block valves, both manual and actuated. ITT sanitary diaphragm valves offer manual bonnets in a broad choice of materials and several actuator/automation packages.

We carry an extensive inventory of ITT Pure-Flo sanitary diaphragm valves in sizes 1/4"-4". We also maintain a large inventory of ITT diaphragm valve spare parts and ITT valve replacement diaphragms.

Look at the New ITT Pure-Flo EnviZion Hygienic Diaphragm Valve
The ITT Pure-Flo Envizion Valve

ITT's new EnviZion valve is a breakthrough technology in hygienic valves for the Life Sciences Industry. The EnviZion valve is designed to help users install, operate and maintain their valves in a more efficient, hygienic and cost effective manner. It's unique design the biggest technological breakthrough we have seen in weir type diaphragm technology since the advent of the block body valve.

The EnviZion valve utilizes a breakthrough mount and turn design that allows for quick and easy valve disassembly. Features and benefits include:

  • Tool-less maintenance: No tools are required for valve installation and diaphragm replacement, simplifying the maintenance process.

  • Fasteners eliminated: No more handling loose parts or accessing fasteners in tight spots. Exposed threads are eliminated, making the valve more hygienic.

  • Time saving: The average industry time required to change a diaphragm is 23 minutes. The Envizion valve diaphragm can be changed in 3 minutes.

  • No re-torquing: The seal is maintained over varying operating conditions, eliminating the need to adjust fasteners after thermal cycling
  • Bonnet Removal and Valve Maintenance Made Easy
    Bonnet Removal is a Simple 3 Step Process without Tools
    Download the ITT Pure-Flo EnviZion Brochure

    ITT Pure-Flo Diaphragm 2-Way Valve Bodies

    • Sizes: : Forged bodies Ό inch through 4”
    • Materials: : All ITT sanitary valve bodies are forged sulfur controlled 316L stainless steel
    • BPE Compliant: : All ITT Pure-Flo bodies meet the current ASME BPE standards
    • Fully Drainable: Drain marks are provided as standard on cast and forged bodies to facilitate installation and optimize drainability.
    ITT Pure-Flo Block Bodies
    ITT Pure-Flo 4-Way Divert Sanitary Diaphragm Block Valve

    ITT Pure-Flo has a long history of developing innovative solutions to satisfy the sanitary diaphragm valve needs of the Biopharm industry. Until recently, many piping challenges were solved by welding standard valve bodies into complex webs of piping. Now using powerful 3D modeling software, a wide variety of solutions are available. 3D modeling allows the ITT Pure-Flo Solutions Group to develop sanitary block body diaphragm valve designs that meet the most demanding requirements. They offer the following benefits:

  • Shorter deadlegs resulting in reduced hold-up volume
  • Reduced CIP cycle times
  • Fewer expensive field welds resulting in lower installation time and costs
  • Smaller process piping footprint
  • Standard ITT Pure-Flo Standard Block Configurations
    ITT Serile Barrier Sanitary Sterile Barrier Block Diaphragm Valve

  • Zero Static Block Body
  • Zero Static Back to Back Sample Valve
  • Zero Static with Downstream Purge
  • Zero Static with Downstream and Upstream Purge
  • 2,3,4,5,6-Way Divert Valves
  • Chromatography Valves
  • Integral Sterile Access and GMP (ISG)
  • Integral Horizontal Sterile Access Valves

  • We can assist you in any type of custom configuration as well. The possibilities are virtually endless. Call us with you application.

    ITT Pure-Flo Sanitary Valve Bonnets and Actuators
    ITT Pure-Flo Advantange Actuators

    Manual Bonnets

  • 963: Capable of withstanding typical wash down media, the 963 bonnet is a fully featured, compact, lightweight, yet rugged design. It’s size range ½”-4”. It is autoclaveable and available either sealed or unsealed. The 963 bodies is made from FDA compliant glass reinforced polyarylsulfane.
  • 970: Resistant to standard wash down protocols, the 970 stainless steel bonnet is the compact and autoclavable. The body is 316 stainless steel with a FDA compliant glass reinforced polyarylsulfane hand wheel. The 973 is available is sizes ½” -2”
  • 18: The type 18 actuator is designed for the ITT Pure-Flo Bio-Tek sanitary diaphragm valve. The Bio-Tek is a compact, lightweight solution ideal for Bioprocessing applications and utilized frequently as a sample or drain port in sanitary pharmaceutical process systems and Pure-Flo fabrications. The 18 has a 316 stainless steel valve body, is autoclaveable and is available in either sealed or unsealed versions.
  • >


  • Advantage Actuator: The Advantage is a diaphragm driven, compact, lightweight actuator designed to meet the stringent space constraints of the Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical Industries. The unit is designed as an on/off pneumatic actuator available with three modes of closure. It is available is for ½”-2” ITT Pure-Flo sanitary diaphragm valves.
  • 37 and 47 Series Advantage Actuator: Similar to the smaller valve sized Advantage Actuators, the 3"-4" series 47 (DN80-DN100) actuator is also diaphragm driven, “O” ring furnished and available in three modes of operation. The actuator design features the same dimensional envelope regardless of operation mode.

  • ITT Pure-Flo Sanitary Valve Bonnet, Actuator, and Diaphragm Spare Parts List
    ITT Pure-Flo Valve Forged 2-Way Body Dimensions

    B A D A1 D1
    End Connection Size Overall Length Weld Tangent Overall Length Weld Tangent
    InchesTri Clamp, TC x BW, Short Tangent BW Short Tangent BW, TC x BW Extended BW Forging Extended BW Forging
    BT 1/4” 3.5" 1" N/A N/A
    BT 3/8” 3.5" 1" N/A N/A
    BT 1/2” 3.5" 1" N/A N/A
    1/2” 3.5" 0.748" 5.12" 1.5"
    3/4” 4" 0.83" 5.5" 1.5"
    4.5" 0.866" 5.88" 1.5"
    1.5” 5.5" 0.866" 7" 1.5"
    6.25" 0.984" 7.62" 1.5"
    2.5” * 8.75" 1.162" 10" 1.75"
    8.75" 1.162" 10" 1.75"
    11.5" 1.25" 13" 2.0"

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