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We have published a series of articles on our Blog, addressing sanitary fittings and tubing, their technical features and application data. Listed below are links to the various posts. We will continue to update these as more are published.

The Holland Fittings Program
Our Inventory of Sanitary Fittings Includes both 304 and 316L Stainless Steel in a Wide Range of Polish Specificiations

We have been one of the country’s largest suppliers of sanitary fittings and tubing to the biopharmaceutical industry for over 50 years. Over that time we have learned a lot about sanitary fittings and tube. All ASME BPE tube and ASME BPE sanitary fittings are not the same. While the advent of the ASME BPE standards have done a lot of good things, merely specifying the BPE stamp for your sanitary fittings and sanitary tube does not necessarily guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of sanitary tube and sanitary fittings available. Sanitary Tri-Clamp and buttweld fittings and tube are now being manufactured all over the world and we have found there are significant variances in the quality. Holland has taken significant steps to ensure that the sanitary ASME BPE fittings and tubing we provide meets the highest quality standards available:

  • All of our sanitary and ASME BPE tubing is sourced domestically from reputable manufacturers with proven track records for quality.
  • While it is no longer possible to source only domestic manufactured sanitary ASME BPE fittings, we do require that all of our sanitary tubular fittings are manufactured from sanitary grade, domestically manufactured Rath sanitary stainless steel tubing.
  • We have learned over time that not all manufacturers have complete control over their internal materials management programs. Merely having a matching material test report does not completely insure that the material specified on your documentation is what you receive. To that end we have invested heavily in non-destructive alloy testing equipment to verify metallurgy. We have put in place statistical testing procedures to verify the metallurgy on our incoming sanitary BPE fittings and tube.

Benefits of Holland’s Sanitary ASME BPE and Sanitary Fittings and Tubing Program

  • Inventory: Large inventories of sanitary ASME BPE fittings and ASME BPE sanitary tubing as well as food grade sanitary fittings and tube and with a variety of end connections and surface finishes. We stock both buttweld and Tri-Clamp fittings in both 20Ra and 15RA with electropolish surface ID.
  • Customer Service: Our sales staff is highly trained to make sure you get exactly what you want and get it in a timely manner. If we happen to be out of a part you are looking for, they have the knowledge to suggest viable substitutes.
  • Sourcing: We source our ASME BPE sanitary fittings and tubing from well established, reputable manufacturers. Our primary source for sanitary and BPE fittings is Waukesha. Our primary source for ASME BPE and sanitary tubing is Rath Manufacturing.
  • Documentation: We have developed extensive procedures and an electronic data infrastructure to make sure that all of our sanitary fittings and tubing shipments are accompanied with the correct documentation. Our MTR’s are stored electronically. In the event that an MTR’s is lost at a job site, we have the ability to retrieve and e mail a new one in minutes.
  • Pre-Inspection Services: We have trained inspectors that can perform and document inbound inspection on BPE fittings and tubing, often eliminating the need to perform this function on the job site. This can eliminate the need to quarantine fittings when they are received at the job site.
Custom Sanitary Fittings and Assemblies
Custom Fabricated Jacketed Elbows

Custom Fittings: If what you are looking for is not an off the shelf part, we have a state of the art in-house stainless steel fabrication facility that can build made to order special sanitary fittings and piping assemblies.

We build custom piping systems, sanitary manifolds, jacketed piping systems and a broad variety of other custom fabrications built to order. Send us your sketch of what you need. We will supply you with a proposal. Upon receipt of an order we will supply you with an approval drawing prior to fabrication. We can provide you with an extensive documentation package with the parts, including MTR's, Weld Logs, Weld Maps, Surface Finish documentation and PMI

ASME BPE and Sanitary Fittings Offerings

  • Sanitary ASME BPE fittings, SFF1 and SFF4 both buttweld and sanitary clamp
  • Sanitary buttweld and sanitary clamp fittings
  • Tube OD weld fittings
  • Stock sizes 1/4 inch through 4 inch
  • Sanitary fittings and tube up to 12 inch OD is available

ASME BPE and Sanitary Tube Offerings

  • ASME BPE 316L 15RA electropolished (SFT4)
  • ASME BPE 316L 20Ra mechanically polished (SFT1)
  • Sanitary 20RA ID 304 and 316L
  • Mill finish 304 and 316L
  • We stock 1/2 inch through 6 inch
Sani-Tech Sani-Pro® Piping and Components

Sani-Tech® offers a complete line of high-purity, non-metallic sanitary processing systems and related components, including tubing and fittings, valves, flow measurement components and sight gauges, and sanitary adapters, as well as fabrication equipment for field installation and small-scale bench-top systems for research and process development. These Sani-Pro® piping products are manufactured with polypropylene and Kynar® PVDF — performance-proven materials that meet and/or surpass FDA and USP standards and regulations. Thermoplastic materials have been shown to be less susceptible to biofilm growth than stainless steel, which exhibits a much higher rate of ion contamination.

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