Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Votator II Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

With Votator units, companies in the food, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and allied industries have reduced labor costs substantially, because their reliance on expensive artisan skills have been minimized or eliminated. Votator Scraped Surface Heat exchangers continue to replace many slow, inefficient batching operations with more uniform, controllable, and repeatable continuous processing. And, because of superior heat transfer performance and ability to handle a wide range of viscosities, they are still the clear choices over tubular or massive plate heat exchangers in viscous applications.

Votator II Heat Exchangers

One-Piece Mechanical Seal

  • Hard Faces offer more durability for longer life
  • Fewer parts allow for easier maintenance

PEEK Blades

  • 100% PEEK - no filler or insert - provides longer life and no stress separation
  • Can be used on any heat transfer tube, with any product at most process temperatures
  • FDA compliant

Integral Gear Motor Drive

  • Gear drive is directly coupled to the mutator shaft eliminating the need for a secondary drive shaft and bearing block
  • Overall length of heat exchanger is reduced by 20 - 25%
  • Easy to maintain and self-aligning
  • Available with up to 30 horsepower for handling the most viscous products

Removable Heat Transfer Tube

  • Votator tubes can be serviced without disturbing the utility piping or the drive motor
  • Flange bolted to the jacket on the non-driven end allows for quick removal
  • Reliable double o-ring seal on each end eliminates the need for an expansion joint

Votator 4 X 120 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Votator 4 X 120 Heat Exchanger

The patented Votator 4 x 120 is designed to deliver efficient performance for lower initial investment, as well as lower maintenance cost. The Votator 4 x 120 is a unique concentric scraped surface heat exchanger designed for heating and cooling moderately viscous products.

Votator 4 X 120 Features and Benefits

  • 3A Approved / PED-SEP Certified
  • All 316 stainless steel construction with high efficiency stainless steel heat transfer tube, and optional AL6XN contruction
  • Available with 9 ft (0.84 m2) heat transfer area
  • Horizontal units can be mounted side by side with up to 8 cylinders per frame or furnished loose for vertical mount
  • Mechanical seal with flush connection on drive end with sleeve bearing on non-driven end
  • 3 and 5 horsepower (2.2 kW - 5.5 kW) gear drives with shaft speeds of 90 and 175 rpm
  • Product side pressure of 200 psig (14 bar) @ 365F (185C) Jacket pressure of 150 psig (10.5 bar) @ 365F (185C)
  • 2.375 inch (60 mm) shaft diameter for particulates up to 0.75 inches (19 mm)
Votator Parts and Service
We Supply Only Genuine Votator Parts

We supply only genuine Votator Replacement Parts. We can provide all Votator parts including seal components, blades, bearings and even replacement tubes. We do not supply any third party manufactured Votator parts. If you need parts for your Votator, give us a call. Provide us with the serial number of your unit and we can get you a list of all of the parts in your Votator as if was originally configured at the factory.

Listed below are links to maintenance manuals and parts lists for the current Votator models

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