APV Paraflow Sanitary Heat Exchangers

APV Paraflow Plate Heat Exchanger

High Heat Transfer

  • APV Plate Heat Echangers have film coefficients three to five-times greater
  • Efficient operation with up to 98% heat recovery or regeneration
  • Low liquid hold-up enables faster reaction times to change in process
  • Fluids flow counter-current to each other between the parallel passages in each

Cost Effective

  • APV Plate Heat Exchangers reduce floor space by up to 90%, weighs less and delivers higher performance
  • Lower hold-up volume minimizes the amount of product required for flooding, reduces usage of high cost service fluids and improves thermal reaction times
  • Reduced capital costs and installation expenses
  • High energy recovery reduces energy costs


  • The modular design of APV Heat Exchangers enables expansion of your heat exchanger as process requirements grow
  • Handles multiple duties and fluid streams in a single unit
  • Easily reconfigured to meet changing process needs
  • Wide variety of sizes and style ensuring optimal solutions for your applications

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