Sanitary Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Allegheny Bradford U-Tube Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Allegheny Bradford Heat Exchangers

  • Straight-tube or U-tube designs
  • 100% vibrational and acoustic resonance analysis
  • All multi-pass exchangers, straight-tube or U-tube, include accurate counter-current and co-current flow analysis
  • Precise expansion and contraction calculations are performed on all straight-tube exchangers to determine expansion joint necessity. (Expansion joints are not needed for U-tube designs)
  • Reynolds Numbers are reported with each design to report the efficiency of the design
  • Precise tubeside and shellside pressure drop calculations are reported with every design (Based on your allowable pressure drop)
  • TEMA recommended fouling factors used in every design
  • All heat exchangers with surface finishes of 0.6-m to 0.3-m include electronics-grade seamless tubing
  • 100% ASME BPE 2005 compliant U-tube and straight-tube designs
  • Unsurpassed document control department to ensure receipt of all necessary validation documentation

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