Sanitization Equipment

Gamajet Tank Washing Systems
The Gamajet Family of Rotary Tank Cleaning Equipment

Gamajet’s patented rotary impingement tank cleaning combines impact and precision. The impact, also known as impingement, creates two jet streams which scour the tank interior and blast away residue and contaminants. Whereas the precision ensures every square inch of the tank has been contacted by a jet stream. This combination ensures the tank or vessel is thoroughly cleaned, every time.

CIP Systems
Sani-Matic Single Tank CIP System

Sani-Matic Clean In Place Systems automatically control wash programs for cleaning tanks, piping and other process equipment. Sani-Matic has vast experience with a wide variety of designs to address specific applications, and optimize cleaning performance with the lowest long term operating costs.

COP Washers
Sani-Matic COP Tank

Sani-Matic COP Immersion Parts Washers provide more consistent and faster cleaning than manual methods. “Clean-Out-of-Place” washers re-circulate detergent solution to efficiently clean piping, hoses and a wide variety of loose machine parts.

Tunnel Washers
Sani-Matic Tunnel Washer

The Sani-Matic conveyorized, continuous tunnel washers are designed to clean product carriers such as pans, totes, pails, buckets, trays, barrels, and other items in large quantities. Sani-Matic Tunnel washers are simple and efficient to reduce labor costs, minimize chemical usage, and lower water and utility costs while providing you with cleaning confidence

Cabinet Washers
Sani-Matic Cabinet Washer

Sani-Matic manufactures a variety of batch cabinet washers and conveyorized tunnel washers to improve cleaning reliability and increase productivity. Sani-Matic washers provide consistent cleaning cycles and efficient use of all utilities. Each product line is custom designed to your specific application and plant layout. Each Cabinet Washer comes with sanitary spray assemblies that move to distribute cleaning solution evenly throughout the washer. These oscillating high-impact manifolds efficiently remove difficult residues from both interior and exterior product contact surfaces while the PLC controls the cleaning cycle to ensure a consistent and easy to validate process.

High Pressure Washers
Sani-Matic Boosted Pressure System

Sani-Matic's Impact RFS, Boosted Pressure Systems, and Central High Pressure (CHP) Systems are designed and manufactured to efficiently and effectively clean your facility and process equipment with the appropriate amount of pressure. Not enough pressure makes cleaning slow and wastes large volumes of water, however, too much pressure can damage process equipment and control cabinets, and create aerosols which may recontaminate surfaces

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