Pure-Fit SC Sterile Connector

Pure-Fit SC Sterile Connector

Pure-Fit® SC is an innovative new sterile connector technology that makes it possible to create true sterile connections anywhere — even outside the clean room environment. It incorporates exclusive Pure-Fit® SIB® technology, which provides a seamless transition of tubings and fittings in order to maintain complete fluid integrity. The silicone valve design at the heart of Pure-Fit® SC sterile connector allows for easy assembly and leaves no gaps or residue, eliminating problems associated with other systems. The locking mechanism virtually eliminates the possibility of operator error, and also simplifies validation.

To better understand how the Pure-Fit® SC Sterile Connector works, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Pure-Fit SC Features and Benefits

  • The sterile connector's silicone valve design is easy to assemble — leaves no gaps or residue, eliminating problems associated with other systems
  • Use of Pure-Fit SIB patented technology on barb connections ensures a completely smooth inner bore flow path
  • Available in three common sizes
  • All components of the sterile connector are made of fully characterized, animal-free materials
  • Triple-redundant locking mechanism simplifies validation, virtually eliminating chances of operator error
  • Easy-to-see visual indicators confirm proper engagement
  • The Pure-Fit SC sterile connector can be sterilized via gamma irradiation or autoclaving

Available Pure-Fit SC Characterization Data

  • Biological Test Protocols
  • Chemical Test Protocols
  • Physical and Functional Test Data
  • Microbial Barrier Test Protocols
  • Helium Leak Test Data
  • Sterilization Test Information
Pure Fit SC Part Numbers and Dimensions

Part Number Configuration Hose Barbinches (mm) Length inches (mm) Width inches (mm) Quantity
PFSC250-CA Complete Assembly Set 1/4 (6.35) 5.72 (145.29) 1.58 (40.13) 1 set per box
PFSC250-IH Inner Housing 1/4 (6.35) 4.23 (107.44) 1.48 (37.59) 25 per box
PFSC250-OH Outer Housing 1/4 (6.35) 2.00 (50.80) 1.58 (40.13) 25 per box
PFSC375-CA Complete Assembly Set 3/8 (9.53) 6.06 (153.92) 1.58 (40.13) 1 set per box
PFSC375-IH Inner Housing 3/8 (9.53) 4.48 (113.79) 1.58 (40.13) 25 per box
PFSC375-OH Outer Housing 3/8 (9.53) 2.11 (53.59) 1.58 (40.13) 25 per box
PFSC500-CA Complete Assembly Set 1/2 (12.70) 6.17 (156.72) 1.65 (41.91) 1 set per box
PFSC500-IH Inner Housing 1/2 (12.70) 4.56 (115.82) 1.65 (41.91) 25 per box
PFSC500-OH Outer Housing 1/2 (12.70) 2.14 (54.36) 1.58 (40.13) 25 per box

Pure-Fit SC Typical Applications

  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Assemblies and tubing sets
  • Sterile liquid transfer
  • Transfer of sensitive biologicals
  • Sampling applications
Watch the Pure-Fit SC Video

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