Single-Use Clamps and Valves

BioPure BioClamp Single-Use Sanitary Clamps
BioPure BioClamp

BioPure BioClamps™ are a patented plastic sanitary single use clamp with quick release, specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories. BioPure BioClamps™ are available in sizes 1/2" through 4". BioClamp sanitary single-use clamps are more compatible with current Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturing standards, They offer greater an excellent, low cost option to stainless steel Tri-Clamps for single-use disposable sanitary process systems.

Pure-Fit Tru Valve
Pure-Fit Tru Valve

The Pure-Fit Tru Valve is an innovative valve design that allows the operator to install the system over standard flexible tubing or a finished- assembly system. The superior lightweight construction allows the fluid floor to be accurately controlled with a calibrated scale on both sides to assist with validation protocols. The Pure-Fit® Tru Valve was not only designed to meter fluid flow, but also as an effective, secure method to close off and lock out a tubing system during a steam-in-place (SIP) cycle.

Mitos FREE FLOW Valve
Mitos Ported 3-Way FREE FLOW™ Valve

Parker Mitos patented FREE FLOW™ valve is the only valve designed specifically for the biotech industry. The body and actuator of the Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve are available in stainless steel or titanium. Each valve has a tubing element with a single wetted surface that eliminates seams, crevices and entrapment areas.

The Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve is available in both manual and actuated models. Sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" are available.

Pure-Fit TC Tubing Clamp
Pure-Fit TC Tubing Clamp

The Pure-Fit TC ultimate tube clamp system is the first in a new generation of single-use, disposable clamping systems introduced to the pharmaceutical industry. The Pure-Fit TC clamp features a complete outer body with no sharp edges, eliminating the potential for snags, scratches or punctures. The unique locking mechanism is fully encapsulated to guard against untimely or unwanted release. The Pure-Fit TC clamp system has a press down locking system and a side release mechanism, allowing for secure and single-handed operation and installation. This high-tech design allows for complete flow stoppage and can be installed over the tube in the normal fashion or assembled after the tube is already in formation.

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