Nylon Bioclamp

BioPure BioClamps are a patented plastic tri-clamp with quick release, specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories. Constructed of Nylon, these clamps can be autovclaved. With their light weight and ease of use, BioClamps offer a cost effective alternative to traditional stainless steel Tri-Clamps for single use, disposable proccess applications.

Bioclamp Feature and Benefits

  • Molded from glass reinforced nylon USP Class IV
  • Bioclamps reduce the distortion on polymeric components when subjected to heat
  • Compatible with current Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturing with greater flexibility in operation and single use disposal
  • Can be autoclaved repeatedly at 134C for 5 minutes
  • Bio-Clamps subjected to 60 kGy (6Mrad) showed no detectable weakening
  • Bio-Clamps are much lighter than traditional stainless steel Tri-Clamps

Bioclamp Technical Data

  • Size Range: 1/2 inch through 4 inch
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150PSIG
  • Max Cumulative Gamma Dose: 6 Mrad
Bioclamp Part Numbers and Specifications

Bioclamp SizesMaterialMax Operating PressureMax Cumulative Gamma DosePart Number
1/2" - 3/4"Nylon 66150 psiG6 MradNG075WH
1" - 1 1/2"Nylon 66150 psiG6 MradNG150WH
2"Nylon 66150 psiG6 MradNG200WH
2 1/2"Nylon 66150 psiG6 MradNG250WH
3"Nylon 66150 psiG6 MradNG300WH
4"Nylon 66150 psiG6 MradNG400WH
6"Nylon 6690 psiG6 MradNG600WH
8"Nylon 6690 psiG6 MradNG800WH

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