Mitos FREE FLOW Valve

Mitos 3-Way FREE FLOW Valve

Parker Mitos patented FREE FLOW™ valve is the only valve designed specifically for the biotech industry. The body and actuator of the Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve are available in stainless steel or titanium. Each valve has a tubing element with a single wetted surface that eliminates seams, crevices and entrapment areas.

How The Mitos Valve Works

The simple action of the Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve mirrors that of a peristaltic pump. When the valve is activated via a pneumatic or manual actuator, the flexible tubing element inside the body is squeezed shut. When reopened, the Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve presents a completely unobstructed flow path to the fluid passing through it. This straight-through bore significantly reduces shear in the process line. This bore allows the Mitos FREE FLOW valve to be drained in any position, eliminating the need for complex installation.

The Mitos Valve Element
Mitos 2-wau FREE FLOW valve with STA-PURE element

All valve elements for the Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve have molded tri-clamp fittings with an integrated gasket on each end. No seams or crevices between gasket faces give our elements unsurpassed cleanability via SIP/CIP, sterilization or autoclaving. The standard element for the Mitos FREE FLOW™ valve is STA-PURE™ tubing-a unique composite of platinum-cured silicone and Teflon®. Platinum-cured silicone elements are also available for manifold or single-use applications. For added chemical resistance, elements can be made from CHEM-SURE™ tubing.

The Mitos QR Series

The QR™ series FREE FLOW™ valve makes frequent element change-outs faster and easier. Simply release the QR Locking Screw, open the valve and remove the element. To ready the valve for operation, insert a new element, close the valve and clasp the QR Locking Screw. The QR series valve has an all stainless steel construction and can be placed anywhere on a continuous tubing system.

Mitos FREE FLOW Valve Element Options

STA-PURE™ Element

  • Successfully tested for millions of open/close cycles at 50 psig line pressure
  • Withstands the toughest clean-in-place/steam-in-place (CIP/SIP) conditions
  • Proven to perform well under 40 psig steam conditions

Platinum Cured Silicone Element

  • Perfect for single-use applications
  • Offers moderate endurance and lower pressure ratings at a low cost
  • Fully CIP/SIP capable at 30 psig steam conditions


  • Endurance benefits identical to STA-PURE® tubing
  • Handles nearly all aggressive chemicals
  • Operates over 50 times longer than any other fluoroelastomer tubing

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