C’eal-Flex TPE Ultra Sealer for C-Flex Tubing

The Sealer Designed Specifically for C-Flex Tube
C'eal-Flex Ultra TPE Tubing Sealer features complete portability, easily allowing the sealing head to go to the point of the seal, without disrupting fill lines or equipment.

The C’eal-Flex tubing sealer provides the ultimate convenience for use in a biopharm production suite. It operates on 110 or 230 volt electrical current and uses filtered air. The unit weights only 9 lbs so it can be easily moved throughout the suite, or quickly mounted at a work station. This is the only C-Flex tube sealer on the market that offers a remote sealing head making it easy to get the unit to the point of the seal. Controls are password protected for safety, but once accessed, two control buttons make it easy for the user to adjust temperature of the sealing heads, dwell time, and release temperature. The unit has a built-in safety lock so it is impossible to interrupt the operation before the seal cycle is complete.

C'eal-Flex Welder Features and Benefits

  • Single material construction using only C-Flex® resins and tubing
  • One-button operation
  • Computer-controlled, adjustable sealing temperature anddwell times
  • Portable and compact design
  • Operates on regular 110-volt current and filtered air
  • Remote sealing heads can operate up to 10 feet from thecontrol unit
  • Perfect seals – every time
  • Cycle time from 1-4 minutes
View the C'eal Flex Video

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