Turn Over Packages

Designing and building a quality high purity process skid is part of the equation. Constructing a high quality Turn Over Package (TOP) ultimately completes the successful project.

What makes a good TOP? A nice looking set of binders with company logos in the sleeves is one thing. Accuracy and content is another. Here are some of the basic principles we use to continuously produce outstanding TOP’s.

  • A dedicated documentation specialist is assigned to produce the TOP. This person assumes ownership from kick off to shipment. You can think of this person as the TOP Project Manager. Continuity of ownership always produces a better finished product.
  • We make sure we understand the documentation deliverables prior to starting. These deliverables are internally reviewed and discussed with customer if clarifications are required. Content and format of the TOP is reviewed and approved by the customer before the first page is inserted. We have our own standard format or can easily adapt to the client’s preferred format. TOP’s should have no surprises.
  • We have exhaustive internal processes to verify that all purchased components are ordered with the correct documentation requirements. The component is not received until the documentation deliverables are complete and correct. It is the documentation specialist’s responsibility to ensure that documents are received and accurate. It is this level of scrutiny that prevents “bad” documents from being introduced into the TOP.
  • We generate the electronic version of the turn over package in “real time” simultaneously with the paper version.
  • We have a profound understanding of the importance of the TOP to the client. This culture makes everyone responsible and committed to producing an outstanding TOP.
  • All Turn Over Packages follow general Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

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