Quantex Single-Use Pumps : Products

Quantex single-use pumps are available off-the-shelf in a range of flowrates and configurations. Quantex supplies pumps suitable for 0.1µl/hour to 26ml/s using 5 basic designs.   Resolution down to 1.3µl is achievable. The pumps are classified according to their rotor diameters (3mm, 6mm, 13mm, 19mm and 20mm). Each rotor size supports a range of pump configurations. Click the links below to find out more about in-pack, in-line, dilution, high pressure, and micro-dosing. Also showcased are the pump evaluation kits. These drive kits allow the pump to be easily evaluated at your facilities.

Series 6

Flowrate: 0-1800 ml/hour ...

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Series 13

Flowrate: 0 to 6.3 ml/second ...

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Series 19

Flowrate: 0 to 16.6 ml/second ...

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Series 20

Flowrate: 0 to 26 ml/second ...

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