Sanitary Clean Steam Traps : Products

BT6-B Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Clean Steam Trap

The Spirax Sarco BT6-B is a high-performance, sanitary balanced pressure thermostatic clean steam trap. The standard element is extremely sensitive to changes in condensate temperature and is designed to open with a minimum of subcooling, typically l ...

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BTM7/BTS7 Thermostatic Clean Steam Traps

The BTM7 (maintainable) and BTS7 (sealed) are constructed of 316L stainless steel in a lightweight, compact design allowing easy installation at low initial cost. The BTM7 and BTS7 are available with screwed, extended tube end, or sanitary Tri Clamp ...

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BTD52L Clean Steam Thermo-Dynamic® Clean Steam Traps

Thermo-Dynamic® traps are more suited to constant pressure applications, where small amounts of uncontaminated condensate are present, such as in steam main drainage and in-line filter sterilization applications. The compact BTD52L Thermo-Dynamic® ...

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