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Vante® 4160 TPE Tube Sealer

The all-new Vante® 4160-series TPE Tubing Sealer is the obvious choice for the reliable, efficient creation of permanent seals in thermoplastic tubing common in single-use manufacturing procedures performed in biopharmaceutical cleanroom production ...

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Vante® 3160 TPE Tube Sealer

The TPE Sealer produces consistent, quality seals on most TPE tubing used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This sealer is easy to clean, portable and compact. One-button operation makes this sealer easy to use and validate. The unique remote thin ...

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Vante® 3960 Sterile Tube Welder

The Vante® Sterile Connector is an automated table top device which produces a singular aseptic tubing connection from two separate tubing segments. The Model 3960 is designed for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications where aseptic tub ...

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