Custom Sanitary Manifolds

When making sanitary manifolds, using the "fish mouth" fabrication method has many shortcomings; 

  • It requires a difficult hand weld
  • It is difficult to know if full penetration of the weld area has been accomplished.
  • The weld is difficult to polish
  • Once polished, it is impossible to tell how much wall thickness is left in the joint

Our sanitary manifold manufacturing system eliminates these problems. We have developed a proprietary pullout system that ensures full penetration welds, proper polishing and eliminates potential thin spots in the welds that can lead to cracks and corrosion. We offer concentric sanitary manifold in tube sizes up to 6". Also offer fully draining eccentric sanitary manifold designs in several sizes.

Holland Sanitary Manifolds Features and Benefits

  •   Size Range 1/2" to 6"
    •   Lengths to 20'
      •   Wide variety of end connections available
        •   Available in both 304 and 316L stainless steel
          •   Wide choice of surface finishes, up to 15Ra with electropolish

            Holland Sanitary Manifold Size Options

            Holland Sanitary Manifold Size Option Chart

            Custom Sanitary Manifolds