Sanitary Flow Transfer & Utility Panels

We have been designing and building sanitary flow transfer panels and sanitary utility panels for over 25 years. Our completed projects range from simple 3-ports flow diversion panels to highly complex 3 dimensional sanitary flow transfer panels with over 100 ports and electronic feedback on each circuit. Our client list consists of most of the major biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S. 

At the core of all of our transfer panels is our unique flow port ferrule design. We started developing this over 20 years ago. The flanged collar on the ferrule allows us to make a secure weld of the ferrule to the panel while keeping the heat affected zone of the weld well away from the interior product path. This ensures the integrity of the flow path and lessens the possibility of potential corrosion areas on the wetted areas.

Holland Sanitary Transfer Panel

Holland Sanitary Transfer Panel Features and Benefits

  •   Port sizes up to 4”
    •   Weld documentation of all product contact welds
      •   Boroscopic examination of all transfer panel welds
        •   Surfaces finish options up to 10Ra plus electropolish
          •   Floor mount, wall mount and cabinet mount designs
            •   We can accommodate virtually all commonly used control schemes into the transfer panels
              •   A wide choice of tagging systems including pinstamp, etching, and phenolic tags


                 transfer panel ferrule

                Our unique transfer panel ferrule’s design features a machined outer ring where the ferrule is welded to the panel. This gives the port much greater strength than traditionally designed systems.