Our fabrication facilty was designed from the ground up to produce only sanitary, high purtiy skids and modules.

  •   40,000 ft sq Manufacturing Floor
    •   Module assembly area has 24ft clear height
      •   The entire facility is climate controlled year round to maintain the cleanliness of our fabrication areas.
        •   All polishing operations are confined to specific work areas that are equipped with air handling and filtration systems.
          •   All tools are dedicated to stainless steel and higher alloys
            •   Dedicated office space for module inspection teams with wireless internet access
              •   Networked AutoCAD system with vaulted document control system and daily backup

                Only Stainless Steel and More Noble Alloys are Fabricated in Our Facility

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                Stainless Steel Machining CNC Lathe

                Stainless Steel Machining CNC Vertical Milling Center

                6 Computerized Orbital Welders with Oxygen Sensors

                Stainless Steel Frame Welding

                Semi-Automatic Weld Stations

                Polishing is Done in a Segregated Room with Air Scrubbers

                Frame Polishing

                Our Facility has 24 Foot Clearance to the Ceiling

                Skid Components are Staged by Isometric Drawing

                Electrical Capabilities: Panel Wiring

                We are an Authorized Waukesha Pump Repair Center

                Our FAT Utilities include plant steam, clean steam, DI water, fiitered air and filtered nitrogen. Th