Johnson Top Wing Sanitary Lobe Pump

The TopWing pump is designed for ultra-hygienic applications and is very easy to clean both by CIP and by SIP. The pump is extremely rigid built for long durable operation and easy maintenance.

The complete pump is made of stainless steel with smooth surface on all product-contact parts. The pump range is approved for EHEDG, 3-A and a variety of other certificates or validation documents are available for the most demanding needs.

With less agitation and shear TopWing can handle delicate liquids containing both soft and hard particles without product degradation. TopWing is the most modern and strongest rotary lobe pump in the market today without compromising hygiene.

Product Features:

  • Easy to clean – CIP, SIP or by hand, with a minimum of entrapped liquid.
  • Easy maintenance Front-loaded product seals and robust bearing assembly without shimming.
  • Gentle product handling Bi-Wing rotors with small clearances give a smooth flow with little backslip.
  • Able to handle particles.
  • The Johnson Top Wing Pumps offers a large selection of shaft seals
  • Easily interchangeable with other seal types, short downtimes maximum 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Integrated shaft and gear design. The complete Johnson Top Wing pump is made in stainless steel.

Product Documents

Johnson Top Wing Pump Sales Brochure
Maintenance Manual
Johnson Top Wing Maintenance