Graco Drum Unloading Systems

Graco’s SaniForce drum unloaders can evacuate medium to high viscosity products from their original 55 gallon containers in less than 5 minutes, without diluting the material. The modular design of the Graco systems allow a great amount of flexibility when building a system. Graco’s options allow you to configure you own system. Options include:

• Stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel frames
• Stainless steel enclosed or open controls
• A choice of 3 different piston pumps or 2 different diaphragm pumps

Product Features:

  • Inflatable wiper seals for increased efficiency and faster change-out of containers
  • 99% evacuation rate
  • Sanitary flange clamps for quick disassembly
  • Liner guard to prevent bags from entering pump
  • One size follower plate and seal to accommodate straight-sided and tapered drum

SanIForce 2150 Pump PackageSanIForce 3150 HS Pump Package
 Double DiaphragmHigh Sanitation Double Diaphragm
Max. fluid pressure120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)
Max. flow @ 60 cpm* 60 gpm (234 lpm)60 gpm (234 lpm)
Max. flow @ 100 cpm*100 gpm (390 lpm)100 gpm (390 lpm)
Max. inlet air pressure120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)
Air inlet size (enclosed, exposed)1/2 npt(f), 3/4 npt(f)1/2 npt(f), 3/4 npt(f)
Evacuation efficiency99%99%
Instruction manual3A05913A0591

Purchase Any Graco Drum Unloader And Receive A Free 55 Gallon Drum of Alcohol Based Sanitizer Gel!

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, Holland Applied Technologies will include a 55 gallon drum of Alcohol Based Sanitizer Gel with the purchase of any of our Graco SaniForce Bin Unloaders.

For the latest CDC guidelines regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit:

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