Thermaline Plate Heat Exchangers

Achieving the balance between energy efficiency, optimal performance, and dependability is a complicated equation that is easily solved with Thermaline’s years of industry experience and the understanding your process needs.

Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel Frame
    • Highly polished for complete cleanability
    • Rugged design for years of service
    • Solid heads no cladding to harbor bacteria
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Customizable connections
  • Sanitary Carbon Steel Frames
    • Rugged high temp powder coating
    • Sanitary wetted surfaces and customizable connections
    • Stainless steel tie bolts
  • Open Centerframe Design for Cleanliness
    • Completely cleanable - no enclosed boxes to harbor bacteria
    • Leak detection and sanitization portals
    • Economical design makes it easy to adapt to new processes

Automated Plate Heat Exchangers

The Thermaline Automated Heat Exchanger utilizes the smooth operation of hydraulics to open and close the unit. Once the unit is closed, engage the patented twist lock system to mechanically hold the unit closed indefinitely.


  • Single or double automated heat exchanger
  • Modular Design: Convert single into dual
  • 3A Design
Applications Include:
  • Multiple process lines
  • Critical redundant processes
  • Products requiring manual cleaning or frequent inspeactions
  • Dual pasteurizers/Dual HTST (high temperature/short time)

Single Automated Heat Exchanger

TagTeam Automated Heat Exchanger

Thermaline's patented TagTeam Automated Plate Heat Exchanger is two independent heat exchangers in one automated frame.