Sanitary Butterfly Valves

VNE Sanitary Butterfly Valves offer great durability and ease of use for a wide range of services. Easy to install and maintain, butterfly valves close under pressure to form a leak-tight seal.

Product Features:

  • All Stainless Construction: Forged, precision-machined body and electropolished disc
  • Sanitary finish
  • FDA-Approved materials: EPDM, FKM, Silicone
  • Complete line of manual and air actuators with control top options
  • Symmetric, metal-to-metal body interface will not over-compress body gasket
  • Visual indication of open/closed position
  • Open bottom stem seal for positive leak detection
  • S-Line, Buttweld and intermediate flange connections available

Product Documents

VNE Butterfly Valves

Sanitary Butterfly Valve: Pressure and Torque Ratings

Pressure Rating Torque Rating
Size (in)70 FSize (in)Torque (in-lb)
1"145 PSI1"17
1 1/2"145 PSI1 1/2"40
2"145 PSI2"78
2 1/2"145 PSI2 1/2"111
3"145 PSI3"160
4"145 PSI4"280
6"145 PSI4"531

Sanitary Butterfly Valve Dimensions Clamp Connections

SizePart NumberABDSTH-LPTH-LPH-LHTorque
1 1/2"51-BVP-1-1.53.3861.9882.7565.7095.7095.352.16540
2 1/2"51-BVP-1-2.54.5283.0513.155.7095.7095.352.165111
3" 51-BVP-1-35.043.5823.3075.7095.7096.422.165160
4" 51-BVP-1-46.0634.6854.0945.7095.7096.422.165280
6" 51-BVP-1-68.8586.5675.118**7.282.165531

Sanitary Butterfly Valve Dimensions Weld Connection

SizePart NumberABDSTH-LPTH-LPH-LTHTorque
1 1/2"51-BVP-2-1.53.3861.51.9695.7095.7095.350.0652.16540
2 1/2"51-BVP-2-2.54.5282.52.2055.7095.7095.350.0652.165111
3" 51-BVP-2-35.0432.2835.7095.7096.420.0652.165160
4" 51-BVP-2-46.06342.525.7095.7096.420.0832.165280
6" 51-BVP-2-68.85863.15**7.280.1092.165531