Standard Sanitary Clamp Gaskets

We carry one of the largest inventories of sanitary Tri-Clamp type gaskets in the country. Our sanitary gasket stock goes from 1/4" to 12" in a variety of materials. All gasket compounds meet the FDA criteria food applications, USDA and 3A. Most sanitary gasket compound formulations have also been tested and certified to USP Class VI certifications for pharmaceutical applications. The gaskets listed below are what we consider our standard offerings. We also have a variety of specialty sanitary gaskets for different applications. Call our customer service group for your individual application.

Our standard sanitary gaskets are offered in sizes from ¼ inch to 12 inch in a variety of materials:

  • Buna-N: Will handle most food, dairy, beverage and sanitary services. It is the backbone of the food and edibles processing industries, has excellent resistance to compresson set, tear and abrasion. it has good acid and milk alkali resistance and is good for vegetable oil service. Rated at -40° F to 225° F.

  • EPDM Excellent for hot water and steam service up to 275°F. EPDM is very abrasion resistant and has excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight or weather and de-ionized water. EPDM also has good tensile strength and good resistance to mild acids, alkalis and alcohols. Rated at -55° F to 275° F (short term to 400° F).

  • Viton® material has excellent mechanical, chemical, heat and steam resistance. Viton® is particularly well suited for hot fatty oil products. Viton® is especially good for hard vacuum service because of its high molecular weight and low gas permeability. It has been used to -65°F in static seals - flexibility, 0°F to 400°F under continuous duty and will take 600°F for short periods of time. Rated at -2° F to 450° F (short term to 600° F).

  • Silicone: Known for its standard of purity and non-leaching characteristics. Its ability to withstand many chemical and combination of chemicals is the reason it is so popular with the pharmaceutical industry. Silicone has excellent low temperature flexibility - to -100°F in dry heat; 400°F is the maximum for continuous duty with 600°F possible for short periods of time. Rated at -80° F to 400° F (short term to 600° F).

  • PTFE: PTFE is the material of choice whenever low temperature flexibility or hygienic seal memory is not required (not recommended where large temperature variations occur frequently, leakage can occur). PTFE has almost no extractables, has a low absorption rate and excellent resistance to process fluids. It can remain in service for longer periods of time in both water and steam for continuous use, high pressure clamps are recommended to prevent leakage resulting from temperature variations. A PTFE envelope hygienic seal with an FKM Fluoroelastomer or EPDM inner core should be used if slight misalignment is observed.

  • Tuf-Steel®: A unique 50/50 blend of nonpigmented PTFE and 316L, water atomized and passivated, delivers leak-proof performance. Tuf-Steel is the choice for leak-proof, perfect surface performance and outstanding durability in SIP (steam in place) and WFI (water for injection) applications. Tuf-Steel is ideal for sanitary steam pipe connections in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°F to 500°F. The superior strength of Tuf-Steel eliminates cold flow and creep to prevent maintenance problems and system downtime.

Other Santary Gaskets Available from Holland

  • Bevel Seat Gaskets, sizes 1-4 inch
  • I Line Gaskets, sizes 1-4 inch
  • Q Line Gakests, sizes 1-4 inch
  • John Perry Gaskets, sizes 1-4 inch
  • Schedule 5 Clamp Gaskets, 1-12 inch
  • ISO / DN Sanitary Gaskets, DN 10 - DN100

Holland Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gasket Part Numbering Matrix

Material1/4"-3/4"1"-4" Standard(Type 1)1"-4" Flanged(Type 2)
Buna N42MP-U-Size40MP-U-Size40MPF-U-Size
Buna N-White42MP-UW-Size40MP-UW-Size40MPF-UW-Size
EPDM-Peroxide Cured42MP-E-Size40MP-E-Size40MPF-E-Size
PTFE Envelope(Teflon)A42MP-GR-SizeA40MP-GR-SizeNA
Silicone-Platinum Cured42MP-PX-Size40MP-PX-Size40MPF-PX-Size