Sanitary Hose Assemblies

We have been supplying sanitary hose assemblies to the biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries for over 20 years. We stock a broad selection of bulk sanitary hose in a variety of materials and sanitary end connectors. We assemble and test most sanitary hose assemblies on site using state of the art equipment. 

General Guidelines for Making Application Decisions for Sanitary Hose Assemblies

While each sanitary hose application is unique, we have been able to identify 5 different criteria that seem to be a common thread to be considered when making a decision on the correct sanitary hose for any specific process application.

  • Process Fluid: Are there chemical compatibility issues with the process and/or cleaning fluid?
    • Temperature: What is the process and the cleaning temperature?
      • Sterilization: Will the sanitary hose be steamed or autoclaved?
        • Flexibility: How flexible does the sanitary hose need to be? Will the hose be static or will it be a dynamic application where the hose is constantly flexing?
          • Certification/Validation Criteria: What level of certification is needed? All the sanitary hose assemblies we sell meet FDA guidelines, many are USP Class VI certified and some come with extensive amounts of validation data.

            Once the different parameters have been established, the table below can be used as a general guide to assist in the product selection for a sanitary hose application.

            Braided SiliconeWire Reinforced SiliconeFluoropolymer (Teflon)FDA RubberClear PVC
            Size Range1/8"-2"1/2"-4"1/8"-4"1/2"-4"1/4"-2"
            Relative CostHighHighMediumMedium/LowLow
            Pressure CapabilitiesFair/GoodGoodExcellentGoodFair
            Temperature CapabilitiesGoodGoodExcellentFairPoor
            Relative FlexibilityExcellentGoodVaries per ProductGoodGood
            Chemical ResistanceGood(No Solvents)Good(No Solvents)ExcellentGoodGood
            SIP CapableYesYesYesNoNo
            ApprovalsFDA, USP Class VIFDA, USP Class VIFDA, USP Class VIFDAFDA